Iguazú Falls y Foz do Iguaçu…exploring both sides of these magnificent waterfalls!


Packing up and heading west – away from the rain, was the right choice for us. As we made our way to the Argentinian border, the skies opened, and the clouds cleared. We did consider that we would be missing the southern beaches of Brazil, but as we have said many times on this adventure, we cannot see everything…even with fourteen months to explore, this continent is immense! I am certain that we will return to the southern part of Brazil.

Iguazú Falls shares a border with Brazil and Argentina. We visited both sides and found the camping and the falls to be remarkable. The Argentinian side is huge, and we were happy that we decided to see the falls up close by boat. It was better than any amusement park water ride! These pictures captured only a small portion of the power of the water as it rained down upon us. It was so fun!

We found hundreds of school kids enjoying the parks, watched ridiculous tourists feed bananas to wild monkeys roaming the area, and saw elusive green toucans in the treetops.

We made our way through the small mission route south of Iguazú toward Buenos Aires, spending one night at El Palmar National Park. With over 500 campsites, Jorge and I wondered why we were the only ones there…along with the very happy capybara and extremely content vizcacha – a very odd looking, rodent type animal related to chinchillas. As the deluge of rain and thunder began, we quickly realized why.

Fourteen hours later, with every piece of our rooftop tent drenched, our bedding soaked through and the tires of the truck sinking into six inches of mud, we understood. I am so glad that our 4-wheel drive works well. We were happy to make our way to the big city of Buenos Aires to meet Kelsey’s airplane and dry out for a few days!

Today’s theme: Water is good.


  1. Looks like so much fun! I’m pretty excited you got to experience this place — it’s one I would like to visit someday! Much love to you both!


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