Getting into the groove…


After a rough couple of weeks, I think we have begun to find our groove. Being late with our truck import into Colombia left us feeling a bit rushed and more chaotic than we anticipated.

We hurried from Cartagena to Barichara to see Jorge’s brother and his wife, where we spent time exploring the nearby pueblos with incredible vistas…just like Alaska, a postcard view in every direction.

Next, it was on to Bogota once more to see Jorge’s parents, show them our ‘home’ for the year and get a yellow fever vaccine – one is needed to enter Brazil. It was very easy to get at a nearby mall. Yes, that’s right…a Red Cross office at the UniCentro! As it turns out, people 60 and older cannot get this vaccine. That meant I was the guinea pig for this experience. Don’t worry, all went well – even though I haven’t had a shot since I was a little kid. I had read about possible reactions, but had none.

We had a great time catching up with Jorge’s boyhood friends. The Felipes (there are two, one on either side of Jorge), Francisco and Klaus all remember his traveling spirit and we were excited to share some of our journey with them!

Then it was on to Roldanillo, the site of the Colombian National Hangliding Open. More about this next time…

We are still getting used to a long term life on the road. Everything always take longer than we expect (especially the driving!) and we have found ourselves arriving after dark to unfamiliar cities – something an overlander should not do. We try to maintain situational awareness for safety sake and this is best done with a bit of daylight as you organize for the coming night.

This week’s theme – It always take time to settle into new experiences.


  1. What beautiful photos. I love reading about your adventures. Hoping your time issues work out so you continue to be safe traveling.


  2. Jorge Y Michele…. Lindo paseo… Fantasticas fotos ….. Espero que en Roldanillo puedan disfrutar de los vientos y divisar el bello e in igualable Valle del Cauca…. Mucha suerte


  3. Fue muy rico tenerlos aquí! Los esperamos een regreso… nuestros mejores deseos para cada trayecto de su fabuloso viaje!


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