Started later than expected, but it was worth the wait!

Jorge and I have just begun our Alaska summer journey. We will camp all the way to Prudhoe Bay to put our toes in the Arctic Ocean. My plan is to share our adventure with family and friends…hoping that one day, you will take this adventure on your own! You can follow our path with this SPOT website – daily tracking from our GPS.

The five years that Jorge has spent reading travel posts, studying equipment, planning routes, building components, and designing plans for our specific needs have certainly paid off! We set off on this adventure knowing that we were prepared for almost anything. The rack that Dale built will carry the world if we needed it to! (Thank you, Dale. You are awesome!) The kitchen is perfectly loaded with all the things we want to keep us filled with coffee and tea, yummy food, and delicious cocktails. (Thanks to Makaya, Cristy and Loris for helping me think through what we needed to take – from spices to brandied prunes, from lemon presses to balsamic vinegar, from quinoa to cous cous – we are eating well!)

With only one practice setting up the Tepui roof top tent in the driveway at our house, we set out the first night to find a secluded camping spot far from the madding crowd. Using the ‘iOverlander’ App (a mapping project that combines overlander accommodations with traveler use references), we found a 2-site camp spot at Palmer Bar Lake near Cranbrook, BC. We were delighted to find the site empty! Why? We were able to set up our stuff, make rookie mistakes, ask each other, ‘Where does this part go?’ We arranged and rearranged everything several times that first night…and, when it was time to sit down for dinner – we were content.Palmer Bar Lake

Day 1 – 184 miles…but, getting started is the most important part.


  1. Hey Jorge , I met you at Downtown Toyota in Spokane and was amazed to hear about your trip to Alaska, and about your future trip to south America. This is my visit to your blog, and I am looking forward to keeping track for your adventure down south. You are an inspiration to all of us who have wander lust in our blood. I look forward to following your adventure. Life is short ! I have been blessed to meet you. Chris @ Toyota


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