Day 21 – 261 mi…Sometimes, you have to come in out of the rain.

We spent the morning having coffee and tea at a local coffee spot in Seward. Even though this town is a port for the Alaska Marine Highway and cruise ships, it maintains that small town charm. (There are only two coffee shops here on the main street.) We packed up camp and headed out to find the Sterling Highway. Along the route, we found Tanner’s Fish Processing in Ninilchik. Tanner’s is owned by Jason and Rory…we have known Rory since she was in the 4th grade. She and Makaya have been lifetime friends. We couldn’t resist stocking up on smoked salmon and delicious crab spread. You can find yummy delights at!

Today, we reached one more check point to tick off our list – the most western drive-able spot in North America. Remember, we did the farthest south in the US, the most northern in South America…Here is a quiz – on which body of water is this spot located? (Text, email or comment here…that way I know that someone is actually reading this blog!) We took a few minutes to drive out onto the beach – you know, we had to go a little further on the road less traveled.

Of course, we sent one more post card from here and headed further south to the Homer Spit on the Kachemak Bay. We ate more fresh seafood, watched the fishermen come back from the day at sea before the rains really began. We decided that after three weeks of camping with only a few hotel stays, we could splurge for a dry night and chose a spot in Soldotna, where the river fishing is so awesome that the town has docks built next to the bridges complete with fish cleaning stations, and walkable trolling paths. Amazing. Our hotel had its own gate to one such set-up. Our room looked out onto the river and we spent the early morning watching the locals catch their limits before they headed off to their day’s work. The only restriction at the hotel – no fishing gear in the rooms. No worries, they also had a complete fish cleaning station, storage space and freezer available for the fishing traveler.

Day 21 – 261 mi…Sometimes, you have to come in out of the rain.

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  1. Ok, it is 2:00 am, so I will guess the archipeligo? I really just wanted to guess to let you know that I am reading and so much enjoying this.


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