Day 22 – 305 mi…who’ll stop the rain?

The Kenai Peninsula forecast predicted heavy rain for the next few days. Fortunately, we already had a reservation at the Lake Louise Lodge off the Glenn Highway for Tuesday night and were headed back toward Tok and the Yukon Territory. (We must be in Haines, AK on September 4 to catch the inside passage ferry back to Washington.) The weather a bit further north and inland looks better and we are eager to revisit Kluane National Park in Canada – remember our Day 6 post, before heading to Haines.

As we drove the Sterling, Seward and Glenn highways in the pouring rain, we realized that we had driven almost all of Alaska’s roadways. So far, we have counted 5237 miles. (We chose to skip Valdez, as this weather is predicted to bring more than an inch of rain today.) And, while we have experienced many cloudy skies and overcast views, we have only had these three days of rain…still, this kind of rain inspired me to download and listen to a Credence Clearwater Revival song –

The lodge was just the ticket to spend the rest of this dreary evening. As we sat on the porch overlooking the lake, we snacked on bread, brie and beer…and ogled the Hewescrafts, Alumawelds, and Lund boats parked at the dock. Right before our eyes, a golden eagle came to her roost in the tall tree next to us. What a spectacular sight to see her giant talons reaching out to grip the branches as she landed on her perch. Guess she needed to come in out of the rain, too.

Day 22 – 305 mi…who’ll stop the rain?

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