Day 23 – 330 mi…the world can be so big, and so small.

We intended to get as far as Kluane National Park and Reserve today, but the road stretched far and long before us…the sun began to shine, the clouds started to lift, and we chose to stop at the Lake Creek camp area, after consulting the Milepost and iOverlander. This Yukon site was almost empty and we had plenty of time before dark to set up camp, make steaks over the barbeque, have a nice campfire, and take a few minutes to organize the truck before heading to bed.

One of the things that had me most concerned before leaving on this adventure was the sense of chaos that would surely ensue when two people live out of the back seat of a pick-up truck for a summer, or longer. We had planned and organized, but you know how life goes…we only have about a week before returning home and I am happy to report that we have kept the chaos at bay.

We considered just how small the world is today. At dinner last night, we made some new friends – two guys from Spokane who work as field consultants climbing remote cell towers accessible only by helicopters and small float planes. Here we were, far from home at a small lodge and we met people who live just a few miles from us. The world got even smaller later in the afternoon. As I drove down the Glenn Highway toward Glennallen, contemplating what the speed limits in Alaska may be, a white official truck pulled in behind me and began flashing his bright lights in the middle of the day. I dutifully slowed and began to pull over, certain that I was about to get a hefty speeding ticket. As I rolled down the window prepared to hand over my license and registration, a young guy in a t-shirt strolls up to the truck and says, “I am Garrett.” Jorge and I looked at each other not fully understanding what was happening, when Garrett added, “You left your stuff at my house in Fairbanks.” You see, Jorge had orchestrated the storing of the gliders and harnesses before our trip up north to Prudhoe Bay via Facebook and the Alaska pilots’ group, Fairbanks Air Riders. We hadn’t actually met Garrett or Amy before dropping off our stuff. Amy was delightful, and Garrett was out of town working when we were heading out. He recognized our truck/glider as we passed him on the highway and jumped in to flag us down and say hello. (Garrett is an engineering geologist working on landslides along the road.) It was great to get a chance to meet him and make a good connection even stronger. We look forward to spending time with Amy and Garrett again…either in the Pacific Northwest or Bogota!

Day 23 – 330 mi…the world can be so big, and so small.

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