Krista and Scott take us up on our offer.

Almost a year ago, as we made the final plans for this adventure, we invited our friends and family to join us along the way. We would forge the way, we would share our ‘spacious’ accommodations, and we would enjoy small pieces of this trip with anyone willing to take us up on the offer. Krista and Scott were the first to arrive. We picked them up at the Quito airport ready to explore as much of Ecuador as possible in the two weeks we had together…and wow – we packed a lot into those two weeks! Today, just a few photos from the first days in Quito. We stayed just outside the airport in a place called Samay Glamping and ‘glamping’ it was. Check out Krista and Scott’s room! We enjoyed getting to know old town Quito and were excited to watch as Scott focused in on his street photography, Krista and I learned to ‘like’ pilsner beer, and all of us savored the unique elements of life in this bustling city.

Today’s theme – #adventurefriends


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