The long and winding roads of the northern Amazonian Andes.

Next, we were off to Cajamarca via another exciting route on what seemed more like a trail and less like a national highway. The road through Leymebamba, Balsas and Celendin was spectacular. I know we say this a lot, but this road less traveled was well worth the two-day drive. Words will never be enough to describe what we experienced that day. The Andes mountain chain divides central Peru with deep canyons and high peaks. We know, because we drove up to some of the highest peaks, and back down to almost sea level at the river crossing in Balsas, then back up again. The views were breathtaking. If you look carefully at the landscape photos, you can see the road we traveled. The immensity of this mountain range is indescribable. If you have a few days, maybe you will consider taking the drive…

Today’s theme – life changes in the Andes.


    • It is so true! Jorge and I always joke that our hard drives (aka our brains) will take years to process the beauty we encounter each day…good thing because our cameras cannot capture the essence of the experience.


  1. Beautiful roads, mountains, rivers and people. Especially the road to Leymebamba from Chachapoyas. Balsas as well. Less touristy. Was a dream to ride my bicycle.


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