Flying in Paracas is spectacular!

We recovered from our Lima experience, armed with the knowledge that our back-up plans worked well. Before we left the States, we planned for emergency situations with respect to debit cards, money access, passports and drivers’ licenses. Believe it or not, we have been using our homemade drivers’ licenses for the multiple police stops in each country without issue. For you see, it is typical to be stopped by traffic police monitoring entry and exit points to cities large and villages small. Most of the time, they are simply curious about our truck and our US license plates. We give them a sticker, tell them about our journey and continue on our way. Only once have we been hassled, but that is a story for later…

We were anxious to leave Lima and headed for Paracas, another of Jorge’s flying bucket list entries! The people at the kite boarding school were very friendly, the camping on the beach was free, the 1000’s of birds on the beach in the morning were spectacular and the Colombian couple (Hector and Silvia) with a roof-top tent traveling through South America was one of the most welcomed surprises! It is not often that we meet other people camping with roof-top tents like us…these two were a delight. As we set up our tent just as the sun was setting, we noticed this couple watching from the beach. As they approached to see what we were doing, they were happy to see that our set-up was like theirs. We shared whiskeys for the evening, exchanged stories, got to know each other and look forward to seeing each other again!

The flying site is at the Paracas National Park. Sand dunes are the setting high above the ocean here, and the flying was incredible. Jorge was thrilled to see another pilot flying his paraglider as we arrived. The conditions were right, he set up fast and was on his way. We are thankful to the people in Paracas who helped us enjoy this experience!

Today’s theme – flying almost always makes things better.


  1. Wow! Looks like you two are having the best time! I’m settling in nicely in California (: Can’t wait to see the next chapter of your adventure!
    Noah Brown


  2. Bellísimo vuelo!!! Se ve espectacular!! Un abrazo! Nos alegra mucho esta linda experiencia q están viviendo 👏👏👏👏


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