Day 3 – 393 miles…post card views in every direction.

iOverlander lead us to another great ‘off the beaten path’ wild campsite at Sunset Lake, near Topley, British Columbia. The lake was calm, the dragonflies were abundant and the Sun hung like a giant red ball in a smoke-filled sky. We met some friendly Canadians who were really impressed with our camping set-up – we look like pros now…no one can tell this is only our second day! Well, almost…still rookies, but hiding it well.

Good thing I have my own MacGyver along for the trip. He can solve almost any problem! This morning a small piece of rubber matting fell behind the kitchen drawer into the front end of the truck bed. The problem – you cannot reach back there to get it out and the drawer will not close properly without it. No worries. Jorge just pulled out the pole and went fishing.

We also found a little hike to a big waterfall thanks to the Alaska Travel Planner, Milepost 2016 (68thedition). The water was raging at Twin Falls and Glacier Gulch.

Day 3 – 393 miles…post card views in every direction.

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