Day 4 – 345 mi…best morning toast I have ever made!

Today we set out on the Cassiar Highway. The Cassiar is the less traveled northern route and really let us savor the beauty of British Columbia. Fill up the car with a full tank of gas (and fill the extra jerry cans) if you are going to drive this road. There is nothing for miles and miles and miles, except beautiful scenery and a couple of bears – no Royal Canadian Mounties, no Starbucks, and rarely another car. As Jorge said, ‘Yes, bears do have the right of way!’ Most people take the Alaska Highway because it is faster, however we have nothing but time now. We are already planning a future fall trip (…don’t worry, not this fall…) to explore the crystal-clear lakes that dot the highway and enjoy the speckled aspen trees just on the verge of changing colors.

We found a pretty state park camping spot with a lovely Dutch camp host. As we explained where we began and how far we had come this week, her response was timeless – ‘Slow down, there is no need to hurry. If you rush, you might miss something.’ Now that we are back on schedule, we will follow her advice.

Day 4 – 345 mi…best morning toast I have ever made!

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